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Why you need to start your branding and mobile marketing with Instagram

Lets start with some stats

- 11 million Instagram users in Malaysia and growing!

- Malaysians are the top 5 mobile social media users in the WORLD, not Asia Pacific, not South East Asia, but TOP 5 in the world, not bad eh!

- Instagram has the highest engagement rates as compared to Facebook and Twitter

On top of that there's a lot of tools that Instagram has (or will be building like shopping directly) to help you build your brand and following on their platform. Instagram is more visual and this is the perfect way for you to showcase your products/services.

Instagram is purely mobile based platform and users are mobile, so this is the perfect marriage. Smartphone penetration is expected to reach 60% in Malaysia by 2020. We are accessing all our information by tapping and scrolling our fingers. This makes Instagram one of the best ways (if not the best) ways for you to reach out to your customers if you are a brand or B2C company.

There's 3 segments to ensure that your Instagram is successful

- Content - what types of content will you put out to attract followers, social media is not a sales tool (but of course the expectation is that it will lead to sales), it is a top of the funnel tool for you to build awareness for your company/brand/services and for you to build relationship and trust and engage with your customers.

- Audience - who are your target customers, how will you attract your audience by using your content, what are their habits, what do they like etc.

- Promotion - if you write the best-est, most amazing article the world has ever known, unless you get the word out, it's not going to get eyeballs and it's not going to be read. Outbound marketing still has a role to play, you can do this via Instagram ads and work with influencers to build momentum for your page and grow (especially important if you have less than 10K followers)

Hope this gives you an idea of the potential you have with Instagram and why you need to start now!

Content creation is the most resource heavy of the segments (research, planning, graphic design, photos etc.). heysocially is your Instagram content creation partner, we have worked with clients across diverse businesses such as cosmetics, skincare, wedding, travel and more.

Contact us to discuss further how we can help with your Instagram content creation



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