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Peche product image by Heysocially


A growing skin supplement brand wanted help to bring up their branding on social media. They also lack creative help with photos and videos.

We proposed product photoshoots so we can have a more aesthetically pleasing IG feed. We also proposed IG reels to showcase product videos, as well as giveaways and ads boosting to increase reach.

Scope of work

  • Product photoshoot

  • Captions

  • Postings 

  • Social media designs

  • Community management

  • Giveaway management

  • IG page grew from 7K followers to 10K followers

  • 300K accounts reached

  • 282 comments, 241 shares for one of their giveaways


"Cun gila! Makin best video"
- Eqa Fakhri, Founder



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