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Marketing Creatively In B2B

*Research conducted by LinkedIn

Doing B2B marketing does not have to be all *serious* and *no fun*. In most B2B transactions, you are dealing with a person (or several persons and stakeholders) and that means dealing with human emotions.

Now just imagine this. A sales rep approached you and you are the main decision maker whether to use their system or not. You setup a meeting. During the meeting, the sales rep said something that offended you, wears shabby clothes or tried to push you very hard to buy the system now. No matter how good the system is, you will probably not deal with the sales rep anymore. That's why in most B2B transactions, client relationship is important and why there is almost always an account manager or client manager to manage the B2B relationship.

Even though most B2B transactions are conducted in a formal manner or strict procedures, it does not mean that B2B marketing has to be done in a very business-like, formal method. Because we still need to appeal to a person with emotions, thoughts, needs and wants. Anyways, why let B2C have all the fun and creativity? 😊

This recent research, commissioned by LinkedIn , has some interesting points for B2B business to ponder upon when they do marketing.

Here are some of their key findings from that research:

Interested to read more? You can read the full research by downloading it below

Download PDF • 10.11MB

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