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How To Find Influencers - 5 Influencer Marketplace in Malaysia

Influencer marketing is set to grow at a fast pace. It used to be niche marketing but it's 2021, and most brands have now incorporated some form of influencer campaign (there are already 80% of business investing in influencer marketing*, and we bet this is going to grow!) 📈

But not all influencers is the right influencer for your brand. 🤔 You need to understand your target market, who you like to reach out to and breakdown influencers into categories e.g. age, the size of their followings, the type of content they push out, who are they attracting, what's the budget needed to engage their services and so on.

There are many diversified influencers - they might be talking about skincare, they might be local or micro celebrities, mompreneurs, fitness gurus, cooking influencers and many more. Some might be appealing to a wide audience, so you may need to dive deeper if their audience is the ones you want to attract. 🎯

So before rolling out your influencer campaign, you would probably want to do a bit of research. Where can you start? Here are 5 places you can start your research

If you are a small business or solopreneur, this is probably a good place to start dipping your toes. This FB group has about 10k members but do take note though, you do need to make a request to join the group before posting for influencers. Once you have joined you can go through the previous postings by other brands to see how they make a request and find influencers. Best thing about this group is you are not just limited to social media, you can also find bloggers to help boost your presence on the world wide web as well. 🌐

Next, if you are ready, you can step into paid influencer campaigns. There's a bit more variety in terms of campaigns that you can do via SushiVid, for example live streaming, Lazada Live and IG Reels. Do take though, campaigns can run from 4 digits to 5 digits.

If you are more hands on, you can try Ittify self serving platform to access their 6k+ influencers. Brands who have tried influencer marketing before can attest that finding influencers takes up a lot of time and having a self-serve platform to find the right influencers can save a lot of time!

This is a new influencer platform we recently stumbled upon, where you can find mommy influencers! We know how influential mommies can be, so this is your one stop influencer centre if you are targeting mommies. They also mentioned on their website that they can help brands find influencers throughout South East Asia, so this might be a good opportunity for you to market and expand regionally.

5 - KOLHub

If you are looking for up and coming influencers, try and find it at KOLHub. They are a new influencer platform that seems to us like they are targeting the young and trendy crowd. They state on their website they have a database of over 24k influencers so that should give you a good selection.

Have you tried finding your influencers through any of these websites yet? If you have, share with us your experience in the comment section!

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