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Do's & Dont's of Social Media

Ahhhh social media, the darling of the media world at the moment. Everyone wants to have a good social media presence, but really, do you really KNOW why you want to be on social media? Is it just because everyone is doing it and you want to follow the trend? Is it because you want to be 'viral'? Or is it because you have a goal and want to reach out to your audience and build relationships and engaged your followers?

Here's a starter kit of the do's and dont's for your social media

The DO's

1. Ensure that you have a plan and set your goals for your social media

As the popular saying goes, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. What is your goal for social media? Make sure that you have a specific goal so this will be the main driver for your social media, some business wants to get more brand awareness, other businesses wants to engage their community and of course end of the day, help increase sales. From there set your goal, if it's brand awareness, set a goal for followers count and/or how many of your followers are you reaching etc.

2. Share variety of content and make sure it's good quality content :)

Imagine if you are a user and all you see on a particular business page are products, product pictures and more product pictures and promotion? It would be kinda boring wouldn't it? One of the main point of having a social media presence is to build relationships and engage your audience with the intention that they will turn into your customers.

How do you do this? By having different types of content (related to your industry or products of course, for example for tudung, you can share tudung tutorials or trends etc.) and making sure that it's of good quality, whether it's good quality pictures, sharing tips and info's, having games, keeping your customers updated, day-to-day challenges and so on.

The point is to build and engage, sales will come.

3. Make sure that you are consistent

You don't want to be like that biscuit advert - "Kejap ada, kejap takda". Once you decide to be on social media, you must post consistently. You don't want your customers to see that you post once this week, twice next week, then no posts next week. This shows that your business is inconsistent - may even imply that your business is unreliable :0

When you post consistently, it also helps you to build momentum and keep up with content ideas.

4. Communicate and engage

I think we have seen pages where a user messaged a social media page but there was no response, some of you may even have had that experience where there was just no feedback from the page. It's always good to communicate and respond to your audience, this helps to imply to your customers that you care and that you want to build a relationship with them rather than just 1 way street.

Social media is also a good way to build great customer service, where you can keep customers informed and also get feedback to help improve your services or products.

Now for the DONT's

1. Don’t be a spammer

Don't spam, it's even easier to spam your followers on social media than email, at least email will have a spam filter. If you have a lot of content to share on a particular day, try to space them out or share on different types or platform, for example on Instagram, if you are joining an event and want to keep your audience updated, you can share some posts on your IG feed and some on your IG stories so the updates won't be overwhelming for your audience.

2. Don't be too salesy

Yes we know that you sell skincare and you want to promote it because a lot of your customers like it, but that's not what social media is for, you can reserve all that for your website. What you can do instead is to promote the benefits of your product, share news about skincare, testimonials, updates on trends and so on. Relate, engage, relate, engage, relate, engage then sell :)

Now go forth and get social!

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