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Dasar Keusahawanan Nasional 2030

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

dasar keusahawanan nasional 2030

I feel we are fortunate that Malaysia has a conducive environment for entrepreneurs. There are certain things that can be improved of course but overall, negara kita is very friendly to entrepreneurs (process nak start company is very easy, most of the process dah boleh buat online, ada banyak option untuk online payment, a young, diverse and vibrant population, internet savvy, logistics is good) dan historically, Malaysia ni negara trading so has always been business-friendly. And the proof is, banyak company start small di Malaysia and dah expand regionally and globally (Grab, AirAsia, Jobstreet etc).

So just nak share nak that I am proud Malaysia ada Dasar Keusahawanan Negara 2030 untuk jadikan Malaysia negara keusahawanan in about 10+ years. Sekarang if you look around, there are so manyyyy tools available that were once only big companies je ada access or can afford it but is now available for you online (CRM, ecommerce, access to media etc). It's easy to be entrepreneurs now, but it's even harder to succeed because the same tools that is available to you, is also available to others.

Imagine this, if you build up your social media presence with authentic followers, katakan 200K, this is like having a billboard that you can advertise anytime you want to your 200K followers, the reach is amazing. But of course with that comes disruption and uncertainty, tapi of course this is something entrepreneurs have to face everyday :)

And we are now competing not only locally with your fellow Malaysians, but regionally and globally. You only have to search in Lazada and see how many cheap things available from China that is shipped directly to consumers here.

So if anyone interested to know more about our country's Dasar Keusahawanan Negara 2030 , menjadikan Malaysia negara usahawan menjelang 2030, please click here to download the file and you can view the press launching here

Go Malaysia!

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