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Behind The Scenes Of A Photoshoot

It's not all glamorous! Behind the scenes of a photoshoot and short videos, it's a lot of hard work 😘 But we try to have some fun at least!

Despite what some people may think, photoshoot always involve more than 1 person , in this shot - a brand manager, photographer, hand model, props manager (and the always forgotten person is the person behind the camera taking all this shots! )😅

See and these is just a sample of props we may play around during a photoshoot!

☕ Glasses

🥤 Mugs

🍽️ Plates

🍱 Tiffin carrier

🏺 Pots

🌱 Plants

And the list goes on .........

Stage setting

And here are some short videos of an going photoshoot, most videos are in portrait format (cause we need to use it for IG Reels too you know 😉)

If you need product photoshoot and content for your social media page, don't hesitate to contact us!

And here are some of the final results!

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