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5 Social Media Management Tool To Help You Track & Manage Your Page

Ok, so you have 3 (and maybe even 10 or more!) social media pages to keep track of, comments are already coming in and you are getting some traction for your page. What now? Well now comes the fun part - tracking your page progress, replying to comments and monitoring it so you know how it's performing, what you can improve and basically managing your page day-to-day!

Below are some tools to help you keep track of your page progress and help with day-to-day tasks like replying to comments. Keep in mind, most of them offer a limited time trial or a free account but with limited access. Advanced features like replying to comments and more in depth data, you will probably have to subscribe to the paid plans (or use Facebook Business Manager, more details coming up below) and some like Later, you can only add certain social media platform.

So without further ado, first up on the list -

1 - Facebook Business Manager (

There's still quite a few people/brands who are not aware of this, but Facebook actually has quite a good basic tool to schedule your postings, view and reply comments and some basic stats. Some of the data is not quite comprehensive as the ones you can find on Agorapulse for example, but it's FREE (ding ding)!

It's a good place to start and once you get an idea what sort of data you can have for your social media page, you can explore the other tools mentioned here!

2 - Later (

Later started out with a tool for you to schedule your Instagram postings. It was one of the first tools that brands used to arrange Instagram layout (loads of fun!). But it has since expanded, and you can add your Facebook and Pinterest page. One of the things that is useful in Later we find is the 'best time to post' feature (which is not available on Facebook Business Manager but Later has it)

If you are managing pages from a bunch of different social media platforms, you may want to consider Agorapulse. The first 2 on this list only caters to Facebook and Instagram mostly (and Pinterest for Later) but with Agorapulse, you have a wider choice of adding Facebook Page, Facebook Group, LinkedIn page, Twitter and even Youtube.

4 - Sprout Social (

This is also another Swiss Army knife of social media management tool. On top of integrating with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can also monitor your Tripadvisor page. It's slightly pricey though, but you get a lot more.

5 - IGBlade (

If you are more active on Instagram and TikTok, then IGBlade provides some comprehensive reporting (albeit limited to Instagram and TikTok). Some stats IGBlade provides are followers change, average likes, engagement rates and others.

Have you tried any of this social media management tools before? Do you have any other social media management tools you like to use? Share with us in the comments!

And if you need help with your social media, whether for content creation or growth, feel free to contact us!

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