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7 Apps For Your Instagram and Social Media Design

Wondering what to use to start designing your social media posts? Here are some of our favourites

1. Canva - Our go-to app when designing our social media posts. It's also very useful to manage your design assets. Best of all, it's free but if you would like to use of the more advanced features, you would have to pay of course :)

2. Easil - The features are somewhat similar with Canva, test them both, see which one fulfills your needs, they are both free to use, fun :)

3. Pixlr - Pixlr has been in the photo editing space for quite a while since 2008, we still remember using it during our blogging days :) It's an easy-to-use tool to edit your photos, add elements, play around with the filters etc.

4. Stencil - This is also another image creation tool for your social media posts, adding icons, fonts, stock photos and other elements to your social media posts. They seem to have a lot more options for fonts.

5. Crello - As their taglines goes, it's graphic design made easy. This tool is great if you are just starting out with graphic design, give it a go, we only played around briefly with it.

6. PicMonkey - Another granddaddy, they were established in 2012, not quite that long, but in the app scene, 7 years is quite a long time :) They started out as an online photo editing service but you can also use them for your graphic design.

7. Adobe Spark - From the grandmaster of photo editing tool Photoshop and graphic editor Illustrator comes Adobe Spark. It's Adobe's answer to Canva, we will there's some stuffs lacking from Adobe Spark as compared to say Canva or Crello, but that's our opinion.

Give them all a try and see which ones you feel satisfies your needs and if it's easy for you to use!

If you need graphic design services for your Instagram posts, feel free to reach out to us here , here or here - or if you like the old school way, give us a buzz at +6013 247 5259 :)

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